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What is the Green Compass Scheme


Achieve compliance with BSI PAS402 through the Green Compass Scheme and accomplish independent UKAS accredited third party inspection.

PAS 402 was authored in 2009 by BSI and Constructing Excellence in Wales, and 9 years on, the success of the framework has meant that this certification is now a mainstream requirement in waste management audits throughout the UK. Under the scheme, each waste management company must report their recovery rates for a variety of waste streams, such as plasterboard, metals or asbestos. The landfill tonnage is recorded, increasing the motivation for re-use as opposed to one-way disposal. These figures are then independently verified by a UKAS Accredited inspection body.

Green Compass membership is applicable to waste management organisations that process construction, industrial, commercial or household waste. A certificated company might operate a transfer station, treatment facility or disposal site.

Companies who are Green Compass members are the elite of the waste management industry and in general, work within the parameters of international quality standards to demonstrate best practice and endeavour to continuously improve processes, delivery and customer satisfaction.

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Green Compass membership is assured by external audit independently carried out by UKAS accredited inspectors.

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Green Compass supports the waste industry to move forward to managing wastes sustainably and honorably – encouraging the production and validation of landfill data.

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