New Companies, Affiliates, Partners and Europe

April 19, 2018

BW Skip Hire from Leeds are the latest to gain the Green Compass Certificate - congratulations to them ! Waiting in the wings are other newcomers to the scheme  - P B Donoghue are now at the implementation stage and Economic Skips are about to be inspected.

There are approximately 20 more companies who have expressed interest and who are now following the process to gain Green Compass membership. By the end of the summer the scheme membership will be close to 50 and growing.

There is also a new category of membership which allows non-waste managing companies to formally align themselves with PAS 402 and the Green Compass Scheme. Three waste broker organisations, Go Green, Acorn Waste Management and ACM plc , are all now Affiliated members and are actively supporting the dissemination of PAS 402 and Green compass.

You can also see that our close relationship with the sustainability leaders within Build UK continues to flourish and the logos of most of the UK's leading construction companies are displayed on the Industry Partners page .

In February we had an unexpected contact from Xavier Ramon of Green Living Projects, a Barcelona based consultancy who had become aware of PAS 402 and  are interested in the application of PAS 402 within mainland Europe  - we are watching the Brexit process closely !