Hamilton Waste pave the way for Scotland with first Green Compass Pass 402 for Waste Management excellence.




Family owned Hamilton Waste and Recycling Ltd are constantly seeking new opportunities to continually improve customer service, traceability, external validation for clarity of reporting, and new and innovative ways to succeed in avoidance of landfill for waste streams. Shortlisted for the Recycling facility of the year 2018, HWR go from strength to strength in development of closed loop waste streams and the circular economy.  Following the principles of Pass 402 has created an awareness and depth to operational knowledge as well as all aspects of Health and Safety, environment and quality assurance.

The implementation of Pass 402 has opened different avenues in procurement, with new opportunities for the company to participate in major awarded frameworks with the Kudos afforded by Green Compass accreditation.

HWR have invested in significantly in the following:

Waste Processing: Complete turnkey MRF for C& D and C & I waste. Recycled aggregate.  Scotland’s only; plasterboard recycling facility and Mattress recycling facility. Complete wood recycling plant.

Infrastructure:  15 Acre state of the art Waste Transfer Station which was opened in April 2014.  Future expansion with planning application in for 3 new sheds.

Staff Training: Continual staff training

Health and Safety:  Introduction of emergency stop radars on large machinery.

The Pass 402 augments credibility for the company with unique standing in Scotland, and recognises the growth, investment and development of HWR. With ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 - HWR have comprehensive coverage and compliance throughout the company.

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How GC helped


Being a Green Compass member and HWR achievement of Pass 402 commits HWR to provide customers and regulators with externally validated data by UKAS verified inspectors. The benefit of this is that customers are assured of compliance and that HWR have best practice throughout the business. HWR welcome this level of auditing as it confirms their place in the top echelon of Waste Management services.

Keir Hamilton, Company Director at Hamilton Waste and Recycling Ltd welcomes the Green Compass accreditation:  “For HWR to get to the stage where Pass 402 is possible for us, and to be able to implement with confidence all the aspects in the business required for compliance, whilst confirming our place as sector leader in this field in Scotland has been a great achievement for the team here at Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd.”